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2023-2024 Season

Sept 29-30              One Act Competition   (Repertory Theater)                             High School PAC

Oct. 3-4 & 6-7        In The Middle of Grand Central   (Repertory Theater)            High School PAC

Oct. 25-28               Arsenic & Old Lace   (Theater of Professional)                        Union Freshman Academy Theatre

Nov. 2-4                  Annie Jr.                                                                                          Union 8th Grade

Feb. 22-24              Anastasia   (All School Musical)                                                   High School PAC

April 3-6                  24-hr Playfest                                                                                Union Freshman Academy Theatre

April 12-13             Alice in Wonderland                                                                     Union 8th Grade

April 17-20             The Play That Goes Wrong                                                         High School Studio Theatre


State One Act Competition
September 30, 2023
Union Performing Arts Center

Schools from across the state of Oklahoma come to Union to compete in the State One Act Competition.  Each school performs a 45 minute one act play and receive critique from a panel of judges. Judges are drawn from university faculty and working professionals. 

Union Repertory Theatre

In the Middle of
Grand Central

This is the story of one—a 15-year-old runaway named Marta de Silva. Loosely based on the true story of a young woman who lived in Grand Central for four years, this play examines the search of one very intelligent, warm and troubled human being to find a place of her own in a disintegrating social system. From a broken family, to city psychiatric wards and through residential treatment centers, Marty has continued to run—until she reaches the "living room" of the world's most famous train station. Here she finds freedom, friends, dignity, drugs and a kind of hopelessness few American young people can imagine. In the Middle of Grand Central Station is a play about survival and what happens to young people with dreams when the odds are stacked against them. 

October 3-4th & 6-7th, 2023

Union Performing Arts Center

6:30pm    Tickets $5 at the door

Two elderly woman have been poisoning lonely, elderly old gentlemen and hiding their bodies in the basement of their house. They have three nephews. Teddy, who is a bit eccentric, thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt. Mortimer, a theatre critic, who seems to be normal, and Jonathan, a criminal whom they haven't seen for years. None of the nephews are aware of their aunt's murderous activities. 

Union Theatre of Professionals Presents:

Arsenic & Old Lace

October 25-28th, 2023
Union Freshman Academy (UFA)

7:00 pm   Tickets $5 at the door

Union Middle School Musical presents:

Annie Jr.

November 2-4th, 2023
Union 8th Grade Center

7:00 pm     Tickets $5 at the door

The evil wizard Rasputin puts a hex on the royal Romanovs and young Anastasia disappears when their palace is overrun. Years later, the Grand Duchess offers a reward for Anastasia's return. Two scheming Russians, planning to pawn off a phony, hold auditions and choose an orphan girl with a remarkable resemblance to the missing princess. They bring her to Paris for the reward, not knowing she's the real Anastasia.

Union's All School Musical presents:


February 22-24th, 2024
Union Performing Arts Center

7:00pm    Link for tickets coming soon! 

Union Theatre of Professionals Presents:

24-Hr Playfest

April 4-6th, 2024
Union Freshman Academy (UFA)
Select Theatre Presents:

Alice in Wonderland

April 12 & 13,  2024
Union 8th Grade Center

7:00 pm.    

Union Repertory Theatre Presents:

The Play That Goes Wrong

April 17-20th, 2024
Union High School Studio Theater

7:00 pm  

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